Ice skating is a popular pastime during the winter months, and shopping malls can take advantage of this by installing ice rinks during the holiday season. However, designing an ice rink in a shopping mall requires careful consideration of several factors, including size, location, cost, and safety.

Benefits of an Ice Rink in a Shopping Mall

  • Attract Visitors: An ice rink can be a great attraction to draw visitors to the mall. Families, couples, and friends can come to the mall to skate and enjoy the winter atmosphere.
  • Create a Unique Experience: An ice rink in a shopping mall is not something that visitors see every day. This unique experience can create a positive impression of the mall and encourage visitors to return.
  • Increase Foot Traffic: An ice rink can increase foot traffic in the mall, which can lead to increased sales for the stores. Visitors who come to skate may also be interested in shopping, dining, or seeing a movie.
  • Encourage Repeat Visits: An ice rink can encourage visitors to return to the mall. Visitors who enjoy skating may come back to the mall to skate again or to shop, dine, or see a movie.
  • Provide a Family-Friendly Environment: An ice rink is a family-friendly activity that can provide a safe and fun environment for parents and children to enjoy together.

Planning and Implementing an Ice Rink


The first step in planning an ice rink is to find a suitable location within the mall. The location should be easily accessible and visible to visitors.


The size of the ice rink will depend on the available space in the mall and the expected demand. A small rink may be suitable for a smaller mall, while a larger rink may be required for a larger mall.


The equipment required for an ice rink includes the ice-making machine, the rink boards, and the rental skates. It is important to choose high-quality equipment to ensure the safety of the skaters.

Mall Ice Rink FAQs

The cost of setting up an ice rink in a shopping mall depends on several factors, such as the size of the rink and the quality of the equipment.

The ideal size for an ice rink in a shopping mall depends on the available space and the expected demand. A small rink may be suitable for a smaller mall, while a larger rink may be required for a larger mall.

The mall can measure the success of the ice rink by tracking foot traffic, sales, and customer feedback.


In conclusion, an ice rink can be a great investment for a shopping mall during the winter months. It can attract visitors, create a unique experience, increase foot traffic, and encourage repeat visits. With the right strategy and management, an ice rink can be a valuable asset for a shopping mall.

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